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Posted byajgarlag onAugust 6th 2010, at 11:18am
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Long time since my last post, but as you can see at the @NET block at the sidebar, I'm still alive.

These past months I've been very busy at work with the PAPI: the SSO software provided by RedIRIS which is being used by some of our clients to provide their users an ubiquitous access to remote electronic resources protected by IP.

My other work as teacher of Web Languages and Technologies at the III Master in Digital and Multimedia Communication of the Architectural Project at the ETSAM (High Technical School of Architecture of Madrid) went very well. Although it has been my first time as teacher, I collaborated some years ago with Jesús Rodríguez Santiago teaching Design of building concrete structure. Working with him I learned a lot and this has been very helpful this year.

On the other hand, my Thesis (I feel this is not the perfect translation to describe the final project to finish the college) went not so well, because I have not spent all the necessary time to work on it. But after vacations, I'll make an extra effort to finish it.

Well, this is a little summary of the last months. I'll try to write soon something interesting not about me, but about PHP and Continous Integration.

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