From lenny to squeeze.

Posted byajgarlag onDecember 18th 2010, at 9:39am
by Karl Wright
debian, en, personal

I'm back again and I'm here to stay (that's my hope).

Finally I've decide to upgrade this server from Debian Lenny to Squeeze in order to test the upgrade process before the final Debian 6.0 release. Well it worked like a charm with absolutly no problem during the process.

As a side effect for this update, the WordPress version was upgraded too, so now I'm running WordPress 3.0.2 and I could finally install the WPTouch

plugin. I've also installed the official WordPress App from the iTunes App Store so I can post from everywhere everytime. Now I have no excuses to leave this boring blog alone.

Well, that's all folks.

Any typo or problem? Edit this page on Github


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