Antonio J. García Lagar.

I'm the IT guy in a SMB: CTO, Web developer, System Administrator, Network Administrator, Manual Reader, etc. Some call it DevOps.

Computers and me.

I arrived in Madrid in 1997 to start my university studies. To work on my CAD exercises, my parents bought me my first computer, and I had to reinstall the OS Windows 95 three times in a week.

In 1998 I got a Mandrake Linux CD, and I had to compile the kernel to solve some issues with the installation without knowing the meaning of compile or kernel: it was my first contact with the Free Software world.

In 2001, to pay for my studies, I started to work in an IT company where I still work, and where I had the opportunity to follow my self-taught career, always reading and learning.

In 2004, after some years interested in Sysadmin tasks, I read my first programming book (about Modula2), where I discovered a new passion: the Software Development.

In 2005, we completely rewrote our main app with a LAPP architecture, and during this process became a Web Developer, with PHP as my main programming language.

After finishing my studies, I opted to continue my career in the IT world.

And I'm still here; reading, learning and enjoying every day with my self-taught learning, with the help of lot of people that share their knowing selflessly through the net.

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