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Posted byajgarlag onOctober 22nd 2009, at 7:43pm
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Yes, I know, this shouldn't be in the news. A lot of people buy games everyday, but this time it was different. I was able to decide the right price for the game.

It's a great initiative from a small company called 2DBOY.

The story is that one year ago, a this company released a simple but addictive game called World of Goo. It was released for two platforms: Microsoft Windows and WiiWare. After a while, it was released for Linux and Mac OS X too.

I read a lot about it at several videogame sites, and everyone told that it was a great game. As the game was released without any DRM protection, I could download it with the help of the bitorrent protocol.

I tried it and enjoyed it a lot, although couldn't finish it because not having too much time to play, but I never paid for this game. Yes, I was a pirate.

Yesterday, I've read the company had started an original experiment called: Pay what you want. So I thought: it's time to pay for the game, and finish it.

After paying what I wanted through the PayPal service, I was able to download the game, and not for just one platform, so I downloaded the Windows installer and the Linux .deb package.

I think this is a great initiative! I recommend you to buy this game. You cannot argue that it's too expensive and I sure it's very very funny!

Hurry, the experiment finish at October 25!!

Update: If you like the soundtrack, you can download it for free at kylegabler.com/WorldOfGooSoundtrack

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